August 2016

More In This Issue

Mickey Free

T.J. Stiles

Buckskin Frank Leslie – A Good Man with a Gun

Zanuck’s Disputed Ending

When Languages Collide: The Ten Gallon Hat

The Trickster with the Sidewinder Gaze

Deforest Kelley

Puffing, Chewing and Dippin’

Why would a pile of small seashells be in the Arizona desert?

William Becknell & The Opening of the Santa Fe Trail in 1822

The Country Jake

Rough and Rugged Arizona

Queen of the Cowtowns

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Magic Finds Tombstone

Outrunning the Apaches

Audubon’s Wild West

George Shepherd Seeks Revenge

The Notorious Sadie Marcus

Has the Apache Kid’s Daughter Been Found?

The Reckless Breed   

“Wyatt Earp Ruined My Life”

Crime Boss Vicente Silva

Tragic Fight on the Devil’s Backbone

The Mes Gang Falls

Western Events for August 2016

Holbrook, Arizona

Not So Gentle Tamers

Did frontier women own saloons, like Gunsmoke’s Miss Kitty did?

Rail Barons, Train Palaces, and Great Locomotives

Friends or Foes?

Angel of the Mining Camps

Lozen, Woman Warrior

On the Hunt for Geronimo

Asa Mercer

A picture hanging in a restaurant in Prescott, Arizona, is labeled, “Wyatt Earp.” Is this a photo of him?

The Myth of Whiskey

Wyatt the Farmer?

The Henry Rifle

Tales of a Legendary Western Life

Happy’s Not-So-Happy Blunder

The Johnson County Invaders

A Tall Bucking, 1881 Style

Poet, Professor, Historian—his West Begins in the East

John Heath lynching

The Bisbee Massacre

Marshall Trimble

Did Bat Masterson carry a cane?

Building the Central Pacific Railroad

Judge Roy Bean

Apache History from the Ndee

Geronimo Prize Breaks Record

Pearl Hart, Highwaywoman

Breech-loading Rifles

Tombstone’s True Hero

John King Fisher

What is the origin of bib shirts?

“Uncle Jim” Roberts Had Sand

Crusade for a Chief

Lyne “Tol” Barret

Gun Smoke and Black Powder

The Boundless West

Arizona Rides Tall in the Saddle

Graham’s Failed Escape

photo of Butch Cassidy

Butch Cassidy and the Last Standing Bank

In the 1985 film Silverado, British-born John Cleese plays the sheriff. Did any Britons become frontier sheriffs in the USA?

The Most Significant July Event in Western History

Wyatt Earp vs. a Tombstone Mob