November/December 2007

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Western Books & Movies

More In This Issue

Wood Hite vs. Dick Liddil

Little by Liddil (Jesse Goes Down)


Dude Ranching at an Outlaw Haunt


Can’t Kick the Boot Addiction


Grass Valley, California


(Not Really) Roughing It on the Mark Twain Trail


Preservation: Remember the Alamo!


Jimmy Palmiotti

Cowan's Indian art auction included an impressive archive collected by Natalie Curtis.

A Song of Praise for a Forgotten Folklore Collector

john wayne true grit

John Wayne’s Silver Screen Shootin’ Irons

Remembering our beloved cartoonist, Phil Frank (1943-2007).

Frank History

What do you know about Pete Spence, a member of the “Cowboys” of Tombstone?

Did Old West houses have outhouses, and were public facilities available?


Massacre Site Open to the Public

Were Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane married, and did they have a daughter?

Why were some shotguns called “Greeners” by cowboys in the Old West?

In the Clint Eastwood movie Hang ’em High, a “tumbleweed wagon” picks up prisoners to haul them off to jail. Did such wagons actually exist?

In the Frederic Remington illustration of The Sentinel, is the mission San Xavier del Bac? Behind the mission, aren’t those the Santa Catalina Mountains?

Most modern retailers of Old West period clothing seem to sell only “banded” collared shirts, yet old photographs show cowboys did wear shirts with collars. When did cowboys begin wearing these shirts?

Texas History Movies taught history the old-fashioned way.

Back to the Future

Western history...with balloons.

True Comics