Ford at Fox at Last

fordatfoxI promised you an update on Ford at Fox, and here it is. Fox has packaged 24 of the silents and talkies John Ford directed for Fox, where he worked intermittently for more than 30 years, beginning with Just Pals (1920), starring Buck Jones.

Westerns fans will be most interested in Drums Along the Mohawk (1940) and two different cuts of My Darling Clementine (1946). The actor most associated with Ford, John Wayne, only appears as an extra in the movie Hangman’s House (1928); Wayne’s movies with Ford were produced by studios other than Fox.

This package, with a 175-page hardcover book and many extras will retail for $299.98, with “mini-collections” at $49.98 and individual discs at $19.98. Although the box arrives in stores on December 4, serious Ford cinephiles are already hopping on their couches like Tom Cruise in love.

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