A Hero Reconsidered

WB_James-C.-Robbin_s-The-Real-Custer-From-Boy-General-to-Tragic-HeroJames C. Robbin’s The Real Custer—From Boy General to Tragic Hero (Regnery History,$29.99) is a well-written 400-page epic adventure that details the highs and lows of one of America’s most controversial figures.

His treatment of Custer is fair and even-handed. The most impressive aspect of the volume is the “Boy General’s” cadet years and his fearless exploits during the Civil War. Historians familiar with the subject will find few new revelations, but for the casual reader who desires a truly dedicated exploration of Custer the man and soldier placed in the context of his time—this is the real thing.

–Michael Donahue, author of Drawing Battlelines: The Map Testimony of Custer’s Last Fight

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