WB_Dusty-Richards_Ambush-ValleyIn Dusty Richards’ Ambush Valley (Pinnacle, $6.99), Deputy U.S. Marshal Chet Byrnes moves to Arizona Territory to escape a Texas feud. He wants to find peace as a rancher, but Mexican bandits are raping women and shooting lawmen, and Byrnes has to confront them.

Readers meet Billy the Kid and Tom Horn, and follow action across the Verde Valley, in Prescott’s Palace Saloon and other familiar Arizona haunts. With 85 novels to his credit, Richards, a True West favorite, gives us snappy dialogue and plenty of action to keep the story moving along. And it helps to have a strong character like Byrnes who warns a malcontent not to challenge him, saying, “I know where there’s cottonwood trees at the base of this mountain that could stretch your neck. …”

–Leo W. Banks, author of Manhunts and Massacres

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