Avenging Victorio

avenging_victorioColonel Edward Hatch learns his constant harassment of the Apache war chief Victorio pays off south of the border. Mexican rifles wipe out the raider and his band on October 15, 1880.  But then another Apache chief decides on revenge.

In just six weeks, the reputedly decrepit Nana leads 40 warriors across the territory killing more than 50 Americans. An officer trailing Nana finds $15 million in stolen gold in one of Victorio’s mountain caches, but he is killed after informing the colonel. Boarding a southbound military train, Hatch heads for Fort Selden, where his fate awaits him. He is unaware of vengeful warriors who prepare to salute his coach with dynamite. This novel is a swift moving tale of death and revenge.

—William Garwood

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