Buried Lies (Fiction)

jun09_buried_lies_250This Western within a Western begins with vacationing Gus Ivy’s haircut in an Arizona barber shop.

A reader of sagebrush yarns, he spots The Cavity Lake Gang by B.M. Bower in a box of old books. It’s an odd volume, unissued with no date or copyright. Gus buys the book. Next day, the barber is murdered. Then Ivy “happens” to meet Bower’s granddaughter, the lovely Brice Cassidy. Agreeing the book could be a treasure guide, they go halves. But others are tracking that volume. Gus and Brice’s bullet-haunted search takes them to northern Arizona’s peaceful Navajo Nation. Native Dream Catcher insight reveals why a reclusive writer would take a rich industrialist as a lover, then help him conceal a vast treasure as a memorial to a band of WWII heroes, yet still leave a guide for their descendants. This fantastic Mystery will leave you on the edge of your seat to see if the pair finds the gold treasure, and if anyone else has beaten them to it.

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