The Dark Border (Fiction)

jun09_dark_border_250Legendary penman Frank Bonham sold more than 50 novels during his 54-year-career.

This Western Quartet demonstrates his superb writing. ‘“Brand of the Bear Flag Mutineers” shares a fiery Civil War clash between West Coast “Sesesh” and U.S. Troops. Two drifting cowhands win a ranch only to lose more than the spread in “The Dark Border.” Though short on words, “Chivaree” is long enough to teach the neighbors that marriage between a caring white man and a loving half-breed woman can be the best of them all. “Blood on the Bozeman Trail” finds freight line owner Sam Cary battling more than rival cutthroat outfits up the perilous Bozeman Trail to Indian-besieged Montana. Here is veteran tale teller Bonham at the top of his form.

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