Can you tell me more about Western novelist Frank O’Rourke?

Peter Hast

Krefeld, Germany

Frank O’Rourke (1916-1989) had a long and distinguished career spanning four decades. He published more than 60 works of fiction, including sports novels, Westerns and Mysteries in his early career. In later years, O’Rourke wrote novels about mid-Western America and contemporary satires. The Southwestern Library Association honored him with its 1958-59 award for his historical novel about New Mexico, The Far Mountains.

Many of O’Rourke’s books were extremely popular, spending several weeks on bestseller lists in the 1950s-60s. Among the motion pictures made out of his books is the 1966 classic adventure film, The Professionals, based on his novel, A Mule for the Marquesa.

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