eye-of-the-wolfWhen Evil rides its pale horse across the Wind River Reservation, thoughtful Father John O’Malley and impetuous attorney Vicky Holden face a mysterious murder threatening a war between reservation Shoshoni and Arapaho.

Lured to the historic Bates Battlefield by a cryptic message, O’Malley finds three dead young Shoshonis lying where 47 Arapaho were massacred a century before by Shoshoni braves and Maj. Bates’ cavalry.  O’Malley is nearly drygulched there while Holden is kidnapped by her own client—a fellow Arapaho accused of the murders. This tightly-plotted Western Thriller challenges the reader to match wits with Holden and O’Malley in tracking Evil to trail’s end.



—William Garwood

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