atm-logoIn the Tombstone Territory TV series, why are the characters given fake names when the show was based on real events?

Henri Bronsgeest
Fallon, Nevada

Let’s just say the ABC series took a literary license, as many Westerns did during the 1950s to 1960s. The newspaper editor wasn’t called John Clum, like he was in real life, because Tombstone Territory was a fictional account of the history of the “Town Too Tough to Die.” Even though the leading characters were fictional, the show did sometimes include real-life characters such as Curly Bill Brocius and Geronimo.

The stories were pure fiction, but the guest stars were interesting. Tombstone Territory featured the great Lee Van Cleef, James Coburn, Angie Dickinson, Harry Carey Jr., Jack Elam, Leonard Nimoy and Michael Landon.


Marshall Trimble is Arizona’s official historian. His latest book is Wyatt Earp: Showdown at Tombstone.

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