loren-estleman_ragtime-cowboysIf you’re looking for a place to jump in to Loren Estleman’s enormous output, his novel of Wyatt Earp’s vendetta, Bloody Season; or his tale of the legendary Western troubadour in Billy Gashade: An American Epic; or, pick up a copy of his new novel, Ragtime Cowboys (Forge Books, $28.99).

In 1921, Earp calls on retired Pinkerton man Charlie Siringo to track down his stolen race horse. The story connects with another “Pink” man, Dashiell Hammett  (“It’s a Nancy sort of name,” thinks Earp of the creator of the modern detective story); and, then to a Kennedy conspiracy involving the family’s bootlegger patriarch, Joseph P. Preposterous and terrific fun.

–Allen Barra, author of Inventing Wyatt Earp: His Life and Many Legends

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