Pistols, Petticoats, & Poker

My interest in the photos of Lottie Deno was piqued after a discussion with Robert G. McCubbin, the renowned authority on Old West photographs and Publisher Emeritus of True West. Bob told me the authenticity of the images troubled him. Susan Berry, director of the Silver City Museum, agreed; the clothing was not time appropriate. Then Shirley Timmons, a retired forensic artist for the Texas Rangers, told me the images were not even of the same person!

I eventually came into contact with Mr. Patrick Tidmore, a nephew of Lottie’s goddaughter, Roberta. Roberta’s mother Susie and Lottie had been close friends in Deming, New Mexico. Mr. Tidmore has family photo albums with numerous photos of Lottie, including the one I published on the cover of my book. One of Lottie’s other close friends was the Lindauer Family; the Lindauer Collection at the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum includes several photos of Lottie, which match up with Mr. Tidmore’s.

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