I love bookstores. During college, I worked for Dutton’s Books in North Hollywood, California.

For decades, Dave Dutton and his family had one of the best and most eclectic stores in the area. While Dutton’s has since closed, I am still a big supporter of independent bookstores. When buying books this holiday season, please check out your local bookstore; I am sure the owner will have plenty of good suggestions to satisfy the interests of readers on your shopping list.

If you don’t have a locally owned bookstore to help guide you toward the best in Western books of 2013, here are three great sites I recommend you browse:

WesternWriters.org/Roundup: A great source for the most recent books in Western history and fiction can be found in the Western Writers of America online Roundup’s “In the Chute” book section.

WomenWritingTheWest.org: Women Writing the West offers an excellent catalog of their members’ latest books.

AbeBooks.com: For classics, first editions and vintage, hard-to-find paperbacks or clothbounds with a dust jacket, go where the book dealers go.

Stay tuned for January 2014: I’ll be paying a tribute to novelist Elmore Leonard, who left behind an amazing legacy when he died on August 20, 2013, at the age of 87, and much, much more!

—Stuart Rosebrook

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