western-booksgold-rush-history-matthew-mayo.Award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo continues his popular “Grittiest Moments” series with Sourdoughs, Claim Jumpers & Dry Gulchers. Mayo takes his readers through 50 stories from historical events that cover the wide gamut of the great American gold rushes, beginning with Coronado’s two-year odyssey in search of the fabled Seven Cities of Gold and continuing with the lust for gold throughout the West beginning with California and ending with Alaska.

The book features stories of silver kings, lucky Irishmen, lost miners, backshooters and Chinese tong warriors.

The first two in the series, Cowboys, Mountain Men & Grizzly Bears and Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lumberjacks, were big sellers, and this one will be no different. This book will be enjoyed by anyone who ever fantasized about embarking on a quest of some magical mother lode.

—Marshall Trimble, author of Wild West Heroes and Rogues: Wyatt Earp, the Showdown in Tombstone


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