What was a typical breakfast in the Old West?

Manuel Solis

Arlington, Texas

Frontier fare usually depended on what was available in a certain place at a certain time. A typical breakfast might consist of biscuits and gravy, pancakes, sausage or bacon, and eggs. Steak and eggs was also popular—providing somebody was raising plentiful chickens and cattle in the area. In other places, like a new mining town, folks might have to settle for just pancakes. Coffee was pretty much a given everywhere.

In 1870 Prescott had one eating establishment run by a woman named Mary Ramos, better known as “Virgin Mary.” Outside her log cabin was posted a sign that read: “Meals cost $25 in gold per week, payable in advance.”

The posted menu—for breakfast, dinner and supper—was simple:

Fried Venison and chili



Milk (goat)

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