Overnight Success When Hauling Cross-Country

With the shooting horse season heading into full swing, the open road beckons us with cross country trips to chase points, see friends and absorb as much of America as we can.

If the trip is more than 650 miles, it is likely you will have to hole up overnight with Trigger in tow. The horse motel circuit is pretty well laid out but if you’re budget minded and need to save a few bucks, there are alternatives. One of the best kept secrets when hauling horses are the rodeo and fairgrounds dotted across America that most times will accommodate your living quarters and horses at no charge.

First figure out the best town to break up your trip. Pick a larger town, likely to have a fairgrounds or rodeo arena. Call ahead and ask what their policy for overnighting is. If they’re horse friendly there will be stalls and sometimes hookups for the rig. A good tip: always carry a 100-foot extension cord. You never know where you might be able to plug in and get a comfortable night’s rest.

Other Overnighting Resources

[•] Horse Motels – www.horsemotel.com
[•] Nationwide Overnight Stabling Directory – www.overnightstabling.com


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