Brush Country

brush-countyBrush Country contains two reprints: one first published in l957, the other in l966.

The first, Barbed Wire, tells the story of the introduction of deadly barbed wire to a vast land once considered open range. When a farmer hires a fence crew, the resulting clash of guns and tempers bring an end to an old way of life. The second book is Llano River, the story of a handsome loner known only as Dundee who is hired to stop rustlers operating on a cattle baron’s range. Dundee is ultimately caught in romance as well as a war between two old bullies, once friends, who battle to the death. Elmer Kelton’s characters have deep emotions spilling out like blood on a dusty street. And he masterfully shares the pent-up passions between two lonely people in a line shack during a desert rain.


—Phyllis Morreale-de la Garza

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