Can you tell me something about the comic book hero Kid Colt?

Dan Clutter

Denison, Iowa

Kid Colt was a 1950s Marvel Comic hero. His real name was Blaine Colt, and he wore a red shirt with a black-and-white, Pinto-style vest. His horse’s name was Steel.

The first Kid Colt comic book came out in August 1948. Kid Colt became an outlaw after he killed a bad guy who’d murdered his pa. It was a fair fight, but circumstances forced him to become a fugitive. Deep down we all knew he wasn’t really an outlaw, because he kept rescuing beautiful women from a fate worse than death.

He appeared in other comics during the 1950s, including the All-Western Winners, Two-Gun Western and Gunsmoke Western series.

Kid Colt made a comeback in the late 1960s and early 1970s with Two-Gun Kid and the Rawhide Kid in the Mighty Marvel Series. He was also in the Giant-Size Kid Colt reprint series. The Kid Colt signature series ended in April 1979 after 229 issues.

He was revived in 2000, but the four-issue series Blaze of Glory was more of a caricature of the originals. Writer John Ostrander and artist Leonardo Manco killed off Kid Colt in the last issue.

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