Come Sundown

come-sundownHonore Greenwood, known to the Indians as Plenty Man, is an admitted murderer, liar and thief.

He escaped a French hangman years ago and ran away to America where his outlandish adventures continue. In this episode, Greenwood has an Indian wife and lives with the Comanches. He remains unmolested as long as he runs errands for them, which include trading for whiskey that he waters down. Greenwood is a likeable rogue, a clever rascal always looking out for himself, but in this story, he must go up against his old friend, Kit Carson. Come Sundown is great fun, witty and highly believable, even though you know the author is putting you on. Blakely is deservedly among the top Western authors working today.—Phyllis Morreale-de la Garza

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