In the April 2003 True West, the Blazer’s Mill shoot-out claimed to have 13 Regulators, however the list gives only 12 names. Who was the 13th man? Also, I’m familiar with all the names on the list except for “Dirty Steve” Stephens. Can you tell me anything about him?

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Frederick Nolan, a foremost expert on Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War, says the 13th man was Bill Scroggins. In 1927, Frank Coe said there were 13 Regulators, but in 1932, George Coe said there were 14. Various authors offer up Jim French and Tom O’Folliard as possible members.

Nolan says, “I know of no absolutely definitive listing” of Regulators who took on Buckshot Roberts that April day in 1878.

As for “Dirty Steve,” he seems to be an enigma. We don’t know where he came from or where he went. Nolan says Dirty Steve never surfaced in later years—not even in one of those “I knew Billy the Kid” features. The same goes for Bill Scroggins.

In June 1878, a grand jury indicted only George Coe, Charlie Bowdre, Fred Waite, Henry Brown, Doc Scurlock and Billy the Kid.

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