Hauling Horse
Hauling Comfortabe Horses
Hauling your horse in a trailer should be a good experience for all concerned. By taking several steps to insure his or her comfort, you will have a healthy and happy partner ready for action after the long haul. Here are ten tip for making the ride as comfortable as possible.

1. Bell Boots Front and Back – This will prevent any serious hoof damage by yours or another horse accidentally stepping on one another during the trailering process.

2. Fly Mask – This will prevent any flying debris from entering and possibly injuring your horse’s eyes.

3. Two Inches of Shavings – on the trailer floor. Not only does this makes for a comfortable ride, it also absorbs urine and any spilled liquids and offers good traction for your horse.

4. Hay in the Manger – This gives your horse something to do, especially on long hauls. Refill the mangers during fuel stops.

5. Free Access to Water – Hang a bucket and keep it filled. They will drink when thirsty, even while rolling down the road.

6. Open Windows and Vents – in warm weather to keep them cool and alternately close windows and vents in cold or in-climate weather.

7. Don’t Crowd the Stall – with hay bales or supplies. Prevent an accident from happening by keeping the stalls clear of anything but shavings.

8. Use a Trailer Tie – with a Quick Release snap on both ends. Learn how to use it. Remove the lead rope so your horse cannot become tangled in it. Alternately use the lead rope and tie it directly to the tie ring using a quick release knot.

9. Drive Calmly – and stop in periodically to check on your trusted mount. Make sure he is comfortable and let him know your are along for the ride!

10. When Unloading – attach the lead line before unlatching separators. This can give you more control in the event something unusual happens to frighten your horse during the unloading process.

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