All Aboard!


The revival of the historic Virginia & Truckee Railroad (V&T) is underway—and finding a lot of visitor support.

In August, the short-line railroad began offering Saturday trips between Carson City and Virginia City, Nevada, selling out most runs (140 passengers each). This confirms local predictions that the V&T will be a major tourism attraction.

The nearly $55-million project isn’t quite finished. Track work is ongoing to extend the V&T to its full 16.7-mile run between Carson City and Gold Hill. The project is on schedule to open in 2012.

The railroad was an important cog during 1869-1938, when the local Comstock Lode provided one of the richest silver strikes in the nation. When the metal was gone, the V&T followed suit. The project to revive the line dates back about 17 years. Now the finish line is in sight.

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