Rollicking Western Filled with Adventure

Mohave_Johnny-DMojave (Pinnacle, $6.99), one of the better Western novels to come along in years, is proof that author Johnny D. Boggs is indeed one of the top writers of this genre.

From the opening chapter, Mojave lures the reader into this skillfully crafted tale filled with memorable characters such as the evil Whip Watson, the scheming Candy Crutchfield, and our hero, Micah Bishop. In a delightfully original plot, Watson transports thirty mail-order brides to the mining town of Calico, California, where he expects to sell them. Crutchfield, who intends to offer them as prostitutes, kidnaps the women. Attempts by Bishop to rescue the ladies are replete with adventure, humor and surprise.


—W.C. Jameson, author of The Silver Madonna and Other Tales of America’s Greatest Lost Treasures

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