We’re approaching the end of a landmark year in Western book publishing, and the beginning of another. With so many great projects out there for us to scout for you, True West is dedicating more pages and more energy to our Western Books coverage than ever in our history.

With Empire of the Summer Moon, S.C. Gwynne’s paean to the Comanches, bound for the movies, we’ve learned that Paul Andrew Hutton has signed a six-figure deal to tell the equally powerful story of the Apaches.

We’ve scored an early look at Larry McMurtry’s Custer book, as well. I review that one myself. For a little snippet of the holiday season, we even examine a heartwarming Christmas tale.

We’ve expanded our coverage with new features such as our “Build Your Western Library” recommendations from household names—see the suggestions this month from musical legend Phil Collins—and from Western genre authorities, such as novelist J.A. Johnstone. Collins “remembers the Alamo” with his five top selections for Alamo-related reading, while Johnstone picks the best of this year’s Western novels. Stayed tuned to future issues to find out who else we ask—and build yourself a library of the best works, to boot.

What you see here is just the first phases of an expansion project that will have us—and you with us—delving into the latest and greatest doings on the Western books front. Plus, we’re going to have some fun. Expect some surprises. Next month, we blow it out with our bigger, better “Year in Review” special. See you then!

—Jesse Mullins

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