December 2016

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Western Events for December 2016

Contention City Arizona

Arizona’s Contention City

Building Your Western Library

Flame Delhi

Oliver “Ol” Yantis

What History Has Taught Me: Ron Hansen, Author

cactus derbies

Cactus Derbies

wilford brumley

Wilford Brimley’s Cowboy Roots

Bones of Paradise

Bleached Bones

Tombstone’s Hoptown

John Colter The First Mountain Man

A Babe on the Battlefield

West Texas Paradise

Bad Bill Longley

Emperor of the United States

Is Deadwood Dead?

Tom Fitzpatrick: Trapper, Scout and Indian Agent

Singing At The Big Corral

bloody run

Bravery at Bloody Run

A Western Dynasty: Winchester

Gregg Palmer

The Lasting Influence of Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson

Were Cowboys Superstitious?

waiting on a chinook

Charlie Russell, “Waiting for a Chinook”

george coe

Amnesty for George Coe

Hand Over the Ice Cream

Legends of the Old West Visit the Big Apple

cash stash

The Good ‘Ol Cash Stash

Cowboy Lingo, Tall Tales and Bald-faced Lies

Forewarned & Forearmed

Them Ain’t Cowboys; Them’s Ostrichboys

A Pistol For Dragoons

Let’s Hang This “Damned Nuisance”

Deadly Enemies in Trinidad

A Colonel’s Secret Weapon

Will Rogers

Happy Belated, Will Rogers

The Doctor Doolittle of Rattlesnakes

Old Vaquero Saying

Thank You, November

Hollywood’s Texas Ranger

How Fast Could a Stagecoach Travel?

The Magnificent Robert Vaughn, 1932-2016

Boone Helm

What Led to the O.K. Corral Gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona Territory?

Portrait of a Mountain Man

In Search of Cowboy Ground Zero


The Hashknife 

North to Montana

Tecumseh and The Battle of Tippecanoe

Daniel Boone: Passing the Torch

Why Do Westerns Feature Guns That Didn’t Exist at the Time Period?

Route 66

Route 66


DVD REVIEW: Traveltalks

Doc Moeur

dog soldiers

Dog Soldiers

What Happened to the Bodies of Those Killed at the Alamo?

Westworld Reborn

Fred Lambert

Lighting the Fuse

The Life and Legend of Hugh O’Brian

If You Can’t Lynch a Cattle Thief, There’s Always Plan B

Dora Hand

Why Would an Old West Saloon have White Towels on the Front of the Bar?

So Billy Sidles Up to the Bar Next to Wyatt

Bitter Friends

The Last Stage Robbery?