A huge debate I have with my pards is whether or not Hickok used a sash as a gunbelt. Will you settle this for us?

Dan George

Fremont, New Hampshire

Joe Rosa, the expert on Hickok, says, “Around his waist, he sometimes sported a scarlet-embroidered silk sash, which supported a pair of engraved, ivory-handled, .36 caliber Colt 1851 Navy Revolvers—weapons that were almost as well known as Hickok himself. Early in his career, he had worn holsters but later, he preferred to use just a belt, a sash or his waistband.”

He also carried two .41 caliber Williamson derringers in the concealed pockets of his brocaded vest. Although he was a fastidious dresser, Hickok kept the top of his vest unbuttoned for quick access to his derringers.

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