stone-songCould Crazy Horse’s pursuit of his Spirit Rider be an unspoken sacrament, or was his unyielding devotion to the Oglala’s survival the true vision?

Even before this slender son of a Sioux chieftain entered manhood, his light skin and hair, and thoughtful manner gained him the name of “Our Strange Man.” But as his fame burned ever brighter, his father proudly gave over his own name of Crazy Horse to this merciless champion. His shattering victory at the Little Bighorn only increased his seeming invulnerability. With a near Biblical sense of tragedy, Win Blevins’ wonderful blending of fiction, fact and dream forces the reader to behold another peoples’ champion done to death by jealous envy. Stone Song is as magnificent as any of the old sagas of Man and Destiny. —William Garwood

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