Entrepreneurs or Robber Barons?

Out Where the West BeginsDenver billionaire investor, philanthropist, wildcatter, telecommunications titan, and movie producer Philip F. Anschutz has written an outstanding book, Out Where the West Begins: Profiles, Visions, & Strategies of Early Western Business Leaders.

The hefty volume is a well-organized collection of historical narratives about 50 men who shaped the modern American West. The book’s topics move from Early Trade and Commerce, Agriculture and Livestock, Railroads and Transportation, Mineral Extraction, Manufacturing, Finance and Banking, to Entertainment and Communication. Among those profiled are Manuel Lisa, John Jacob Astor, Levi Strauss, Fred Harvey, Frederick Weyerhaeuser, Adolf Coors, A.P. Giannini and Buffalo Bill Cody. According to Anschutz, between 1800 and 1920, an amazing cast of economic innovators formed the foundation of the modern American West.


Jack August, author of The Norton Trilogy

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