1. The Texas Rangers: A Registry and History (Darren L. Ivey; McFarland): This offers an amazing compilation of facts about the Texas Rangers, from its early days to modern times, including company membership, statutes affecting the Rangers and more. The book has errors, but will guide researchers to the proper sources.

2. Winchester Warriors (Bob Alexander; University of North Texas Press): Alexander, in his inimitable manner, details the experiences of Company D of the Texas Rangers through its history. His examination concentrates on what it was like to be a Ranger as he recounts the various incidents in which they were involved.

3. The Law Comes to Texas: The Texas Rangers, 1870-1901 (Frederick Wilkins; State House Press): The late Fred Wilkins wrote a comprehensive history of the Frontier Battalion that reflects his diligent research. This is a must for Ranger buffs.

4. Lone Star Lawmen: The Second Century of the Texas Rangers (Robert M. Utley; Oxford University Press): Utley, a well-respected historian, endeavors to provide a comprehensive history of 20th-century Rangers, which was most difficult because so many primary documents from this era had been thoughtlessly destroyed.

5. The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution (Charles H. Harris III & Louis R. Sadler; University of New Mexico Press): In this comprehensive volume, the authors document the involvement of the Rangers on the Mexican border from 1910 to 1920, during which some 300 Hispanics were reportedly killed by the Rangers and others. This is an important era of Ranger history that has not received much attention.


—Rick Miller, author of Texas Ranger John B. Jones and the Frontier Battalion, 1874-1881 (University of North Texas Press)

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