1. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (Dee Brown; Holt Paperbacks): A deeply moving, unforgettable account of the conquest of the Indian nations in the American West.

2. The Last Stand (Nathaniel Philbrick; Penguin Books): The author has a genius for placing the reader in the midst of the Battle of the Little Big Horn and for bringing Custer and his times to life.

3. The Killing of Crazy Horse (Thomas Powers; Vintage): A gripping story that seamlessly weaves the culture of the Sioux into the turbulent decades of the Indian Wars.

4. The Indian Way (Gary McLain; John Muir Publications): This lovely book for children reaches out to readers of all ages with its “grandfather” stories on how to live a humane and balanced life.

5. Tell Me, Grandmother (Virginia Sutter; University Press of Colorado): This brief, charming account contrasts the author’s own life, as a modern, educated woman, with the life of her great-grandmother, the wife of Chief Sharp Nose, the last Arapaho chief.


—Margaret Coel, author of Buffalo Bill’s Dead Now (Berkley)

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