lady-at-the-okay-corral_Ann KirschnerLady at the O.K. Corral offers the reader a new perspective of Josephine Sarah Marcus-Earp. Author Ann Kirschner mines her own similar ethnic background to grasp and interpret Josephine’s thoughts and actions.

Beginning with Josephine’s life from a young Prussian girl in New York City, the narrative carries through her adult life with her legendary lawman husband. That journey—the adventures of Josephine and Wyatt—transports the reader to some of the Old West’s most colorful locales and visits some of its most historical events. Josephine spent a lifetime trying to hide her past and fighting to ensure her husband’s legacy was never tarnished.


—Sherry Monahan, author of The Wicked West and the upcoming Mrs. Earp: Brides and Lovers of the Earp Brothers

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