New Roads to Old Places


Back in the late 1800s, cowman Wellington Starkey bought a spread, the Diamond Bar Ranch, near Kingman, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon.

Tap Duncan took it over in 1904. The alleged Wild Bunch associate (and indirect kin to our own Bob Boze Bell) built it into one of the prime operations in the region before he died in 1944.

The place has been an off-the-beaten-path guest ranch (now called Grand Canyon West) for the last few years. That beaten track is about to get paved. After 16 years of study, the Diamond Bar Road that runs on federal land between the ranch and the Hualapai Reservation should be paved after 2010. Total price tag: $32 million for the entire 14-mile stretch.

More traffic is bound to take the paved road. That’s good for people who want to visit the site. But it may not be so good for natural environs.

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