It Takes a Village


The Eagle Springs Baptist Church, in the “now vanished town” of Eagle Springs, Texas, has new life, thanks to a group of folks who weren’t willing to let it just blow away.

The congregation dates back to 1858, and the building itself to 1878. Two years ago, a tornado nearly did the church in. Many parishioners, already using another building for services, thought it should be demolished.

Others disagreed and moved it to a donated site, more protected from the elements. Roof repairs and wiring work were provided for free. Contributions helped pay for carpentry work.

Last November 8, the 150th anniversary of the church’s founding, more than 100 people from as far away as Ohio and Alabama attended the homecoming celebration. The fourth-generation grandson of Eagle Springs’s original pastor took part. Proceeds from the event are slated for renovation. More needs to be done—underpinning and repositioning the limestone steps that bear the carved initials of earlier members.

Many thanks to Martha Deeringer, president of the Historic Eagle Springs Baptist Church Association, for bringing this to our attention.

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