April 2017

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rocky mountain true west

Rocky Mountain High

biddy true west

The Luckiest Woman in America

true grit true west

True Grit On Screen

Calvary True WEst

Cavalry, Cowboys, and Indians

soddy true west magazine

Life In A Soddy

copper true west magazine

There’s Copper in Them Thar Hills

Jeff Kidder: Arizona Ranger

lost loot true west

Hualapai Joe’s Lost Loot

Between Yellowstone and Glacier, 3 Must-See Mining Ghost Towns

Guns, Indians and the West

doc holliday true west

Classic Gunfights: Doc Hits Bottom (but not much else)

hairstyles true west

Love The Hair, Sweetie

Sink or Swim

The Picnic Disease

treasure hunters

True West Treasure Hunters

Why Do Western Actors Rarely Wear Spurs On Screen?

“Big Boy” Guinn Williams

eva dugan true west

Claw-fingered Kitty, a.k.a. Eva Dugan

colorful phrases true west

Colorful Phrases of the West

patrick wayne true west

Patrick Wayne

food monotony old west true west

An Exercise in Monotony

stagecoach true west

Lessons From The Stagecoach

A Biographer’s Take on Doc & Wyatt

Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp

When Doc Met Wyatt

globe arizona true west

Globe, Arizona

What’s Actor Dennis Weaver’s Story?

Bucking Broncos and Breaking Barriers

Following the Guidon: Texas Frontier Forts

A Fateful Game of Cards

gary l roberts true west

What History Has Taught Me: Gary L. Roberts

mangas coloradas true west

Chief Mangas Coloradas

Did Old West Trains Have Bathrooms?

Bandit Queen Belle Starr

charles poston true west

Charles Poston

How Did “Killer” Jim Miller Escape Justice For So Long?

prison wyoming territorial prison true west

Old West Prisons Were No Place for Sissies

Who Was the Best Huckleberry?

lucky cuss mine true west magazine

The Lucky Cuss Mine

Battle for Paradise

DVD Review: One-Eyed Jacks

Hell on the Buffalo Range

Frontier Justice For Sale

Plump, Plumper, Plumpest

Roosevelt’s Badlands

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 with Doc and Wyatt

In Search of Doc Holliday

Cyclone Bill

The Loneliest Road to Old West History

Laudanum In The Old West

“Duck You, Sucker!”

A Toast to Gold: 150 Years Later

true west road to gold redemption

Road to Gold & Redemption

charles bronson true west

“Granite Face of Destiny”

Mexican Food: An Arizona Favorite

The Nation Marched Forward During March

The Luck of the Irish

The Dead Man In The Picture


Outlaw Henry Starr

Building Your Western Library: Jim Turner

When Lawmen Got It Wrong

Texas Feud

Charge Into The Old West!

Chief Dan George

Did The “Buntline Special” Gun Really Exist?

Arizona’s Most Famous Card Game

A First for Custer Firearms

The Tombstone Collector

DeForest Kelley

Woman of Gold

A Grave Discovery

Tom Mix

The Birth of a Wicked Son Reimagined

Oh Annie, You Really Showed ‘Em

What Music Did Gen. Santa Anna Request During The Alamo Battle?

The Baca Float #5

Stopping a Death Squad

Guerrilla Warriors

Roy Barcroft

Hoot Gibson