March 2016

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Western Events for March 2016

Narrow Gauge railroad train

The Way to Run a Railroad

When were boots made specifically for right and left feet?

Explore! Discover! Get Away!

The Western Legend

Climax Jim

Climax Jim’s Great Escape

Carry Nation

Carry Nation’s Hatchetation

Billy the Kid Grew Up Here

Tom Mix

Tom Mix and the West

Alferd Packer Old West Cannibal

Quoting the Old West

An Englishman’s Adventure

Indie Westerns Lead the Way

Maggie McInnarny

The Performers of Barbary Coast

Tombstone Fire

Calling all fire adjusters!

How to Steal a Wild West Show

William S Hart

Before William S. Hart Went West

When did bowling reach Arizona?

Ike Clanton

Who Started It?

Drunk As Skunks

Pony Express

80 Skinny Boys

The Odyssey of the Cherokees

Paris Catches Wild West Fever

Pat Garrett

The Death of Pat Garrett



Chuckin’ Wagons

Beating Up the Grocer

The Three Guardsmen

Old Pueblo by railroad

To the Old Pueblo by Rail

Kissing Jennie

The Legend of Kissing Jenny

My copy of Stuart Lake’s Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal is signed by L. Ross Earp and given to me by his sister, Bess Earp. Were they descended from any of the famed Earp brothers?

The Western That Never Happened

Black Hills Betrayal

Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight

150 Years on the Goodnight-Loving Trail

Billy the Kid brother

Billy’s Bro

A Smokin’ Good Time

Tim Timberlake

Tim Timberlake’s Last Assignment

The Sound of the Alamo


Nogales, Oklahoma

A Murder of Crows

How does the magazine separate history from legend, particularly in regards to the Earps and Tombstone?

James Drury

Shoot ‘em Down Sam

A Surprise for Lewis and Clark

Swashbuckler to Scam Artist

John Wayne

The Duke’s Last Film

Elmer McCurdy

Elmer McCurdy’s Misfortune

Ride with the Apaches

Rough Rider Artist

Lee Marvin Pike Bishop

The Original Pike Bishop

Arizona Charlie

The Real Arizona Charlie

The Vásquez Incursion

Al Jennings

Al Jennings, Oklahoma Bad Boy

What A Fox

Mannen Clements

Mannen Clements’ Revenge

Inventing Custer

The Eternal Custer

How many Old West women robbed a train, bank or stagecoach?

Tough Old Bird

A Lively Corpse

Barney Riggs

Barney Riggs vs “Killin” Jim Miller

Western Gunfighter

Five Western Favorites




One of the Dirtiest Places in the World

Splended Savage

The Odyssey of A Westerner

The Fort Nobody Forgot

Jim Miller

The Legend of “Killin” Jim Miller

Texas Chili

Lone Star Chili

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

Kirk Ellis

His Final, Frantic Defense

Will Rogers in Arizona

Patrolling the Border for Unwanted Immigrants