True West August 2019


How The Real Outlaws Who Rode And Robbed From Montana To Bolivia Became Heroes.

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butch cassidy and the sundance kid paul newman robert redford true west magazine

The Best of Butch’s Wild Bunch

How the real outlaws who rode and robbed from Montana to Bolivia became cinema heroes.

jackson hole wyoming lake true west magazine

High Country Adventure

Discover the Old West while relaxing in 10 of our favorite cool, mountain getaways.

sundance kid etta place butch cassidy cholila ranch true west magazine

Queen of the Wild Bunch

Ethel "Etta" Place and The Sundance Kid's outlaw love affair.

outlaw Sundance Sundance kid true west magazine

A Legend is Born

How a Pennsylvania kid went west, became The Sundance Kid and joined Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch.

ben johnson warren oates william holden ernest borgnine the wild bunch movie true west magazine

Butch & Sundance & Pike & Dutch

How two films from the summer of '69 changed westerns forever.


marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Was the Civil War Vintage LeMat Revolver Ever Modified to take Brass Cartridges?

charles goodnight chuckwagon ja ranch preparing dinner true west magazine

The Frontier’s Movable Kitchen

Traditional chuck wagon cooking can be enjoyed at a local festival or right at home.

leather gun holsters shooting from the hip true west magazine

1911 Pistol Goes Western

Used in the West of early 1990s, the classic auto pistol looks right at home in frontier-style gunleather.

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

How Did Frontier Explorers and Residents Deal with Ticks and Chiggers?

calamity jane on a horse true west magazine

The Adventures of Calamity Jane

Discover the wild woman of the West in a circuitous tour of Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana.

castle rock green river thomas moran oil canvas true west magazine

Moran Masterpiece Tops in Scottsdale

Western art is alive and well at the annual Arizona auction.

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Who was in Charge of Keeping Western Streets Clean?

marshall trimble ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Did Jim Bowie have his Famous Knife at the Alamo?

ann bassett colorados cattle queen true west magazine

Ann Bassett, Colorado’s Cattle Queen

She fought outlaws, gunmen and rustlers...and won.

placerville california main street true west magazine

Placerville, California

Discover the historic gold rush community and its glittering history.

pueblo grande museum phoenix true west magazine

Pueblo Grande Celebrates 90 Years

Phoenix's archaeological gem protects the area's first city.

the battle of crooked river true west magazine

Battle for the Promised Land

Missourians weren't exactly welcoming to an influx of Mormons.

butch and sundance bob boze bell true west magazine

The End of The Line

Two "Americanos" vs a Uyuni Posse.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

How Far Apart Were Water Holes and Stations?

Western Books & Movies

Blood, Love and Brotherhood

W.K. Stratton's The Wild Bunch sets a new standard for film-biography, and new biographies of an Army scout and Estaban, the diary of pioneer John Benton Hart and a novelized memoir of outlaw Cole Younger.