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The Last Days Of The Legendary Gunfighter.

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wells fargo shotgun messengers - true west magazine

Shotguns and Outlaws

Wells Fargo’s shotgun messenger Mike Tovey was among the bravest of them all.

heard museum phoenix arizona true west magazine

Western Art Museums of the Year

In large and small institutions, curators create magic through creativity and imagination in the West’s best gallery exhibitions.

Traditions of the West

Discover the best of our collective Western culture in the exhibits of the top museums of 2019.

apaches mail stagecoach true west magazine

Surviving the Ride on the Jackass Mail

Crossing the desert proved an ordeal passengers could never forget.

butterfield overland mail true west magazine

Butterfield’s Grand Adventure

“Remember Boys, Nothing on God’s Earth Should Stop the United States Mail.”

john ringo king of the cowboys bob boze bell true west magazine

Death of a Cowboy, the Birth of a Legend

The final, fateful days of John Ringo.


The National Pony Express Museum true west magazine

St. Joseph, Missouri

History is alive in the historic home of the Pony Express and Jesse James.

Fort Smith National Historic Site true west magazine

Following Arkansas’ Trail of True Grit

Two centuries of Old West Heritage awaits discovery across the Natural State.

john x. beidler wells fargo shotgun messenger true west magazine

John X. Beidler

A shotgun messenger in Old Montana left a great legacy of service and courage.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Why Didn’t Hugh O’Brian Wear a Mustache in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp?

three fingered jack jeff milton illustration true west magazine

One Man with Courage Makes a Majority

Jeff Milton vs The Burt Alvord Gang.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

What Happened to Mike Cassidy, Butch Cassidy’s Mentor?

frank earle schoonover skinny true west magazine

Western Art Reached the Top Tier

The works of several Old West artists sold at high premium at the Heritage Auction.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

In the June issue of True West, there are several photos of the mines and miners of George Hearst.  How did those men get paid?

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Horses rarely get shot in the Westerns, although they often go down when the rider is hit. What about in real life?

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

What illness did Jim Bowie have that confined him to a cot just before the final Mexican attack on the Alamo?

Stone by Stone

Shirley McClintock has dedicated her life to preserving the history of Council Grove, Kansas.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

What did cowboys read for pleasure?

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Did the Cowboys or the Pioneers use Snowshoes in Tough Winters?

Western Books & Movies

dark territory terrence mccauley true west magazine

Guns Ablaze

Review of Terrence McCauley’s Dark Territory.

brigham young expansion mormon faith thomas g alexander true west magazine

Brigham Young, Not Revealed

Review of Thomas G. Alexander’s Brigham Young and the Expansion of the Mormon Faith.

Tarnished Gold

Review of Gordon H. Chang's Ghosts of Gold Mountain: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad.

A Tragic Hero

Review of Patricia Tyson Stroud's Bitterroot: The Life and Death of Meriwether Lewis.

A Gun that Won the West

Review of Sharps Firearms, The Percussion Era, 1848-1865, Volume I by Roy Marcot, Edward W. Marron, Jr. and Ron Paxton.

stagecoach movie true west magazine

Stagecoach – The Legend At 80

John Ford and John Wayne’s classic Western film changed the course of cinema history.