Edited by Eric A. Eliason
Edited by Eric A. Eliason

This is a serious look at a humorous figure of the Mormon church, J. Golden Kimball.

His gaunt figure, magpie voice and fiery delivery made him the most spellbinding secular preacher touring the settlements of the Mormon West. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on June 26, 1855, he was among the first of the new generation of Latter-day Saints. Going to work at 15 as a teamster, he never lost his grasp of that trade’s colorful language with a riot of mule-skinner eye-openers threading the thousands of his expressive sermons. The current book’s collection of more than 200 short stories, quips and hilarious jokes of “Uncle Golden” place him in the heady ranks of frontier raconteurs such as Will Rogers and Jim Bridger. Kimball paints an unforgettable word portrait of a free-thinking Mormon folk hero.

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