Boudoirs to Brothels_The Intimate World of Wild West WomenWomen of the wild West were tough. Michael Rutter’s Boudoirs to Brothels: The Intimate World of Wild West Women illustrates their fortitude, bravery and the miracle and determination of survival. Treated like commodities to be used, abused and discarded, they lived in a world full of uncertainties.

Consider “Squirrel Tooth Alice,” captured at age ten by Comanches, returned three years later to family and friends who shunned her. Or “Polly” Bemis, a Chinese girl sold by her father who ended up in Warren, Idaho. Hers is a story of racial intolerance, courage and hope.

They all are stories of courage and hope. Through this book, readers peek inside these women’s worlds—thrilling, heartbreaking, terrifying. In it, myths and facts meld, forming extraordinary stories about extraordinary women.

—Melody Groves, author of Hoist a Cold One! Historic Bars of the Southwest

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