Augustine Chacon’s Musical Escape

augustine-chacon-blogThe handsome bandit Augustine Chacon was quite the ladies man had a pretty senorita in every town. He was also a deadly killer who boasted of killing many men. He’d been caught and was sitting in the Solomanville jail waiting to be hanged for murder.  One day about a month before his hanging one of his amoritas brought him a Bible with a hacksaw blade hidden in the spine. The pretty lady made a point of smiling at the jailer in a flirtatious way.

Among his fellow prisoners was a couple of musicians armed with a guitar and concertina.  Each night while Chacon sawed away at the bars the other prisoners sang loud, lusty corridos to cover the noise.

On the night of his escape his amorita returned and using her feminine charm lured the night guard out for a midnight stroll. While the “band” played and sang Chacon sawed through the last bar and ran for the border.

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