Western-Get-Aways-Ranches_Dutton-Springs.The grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty of the rugged, wide-open spaces of the American West have lured millions to travel to enjoy the history and heritage of the Western United States. From the California Coast to the Rocky Mountains, from the Desert Southwest to the Pacific Northwest, the proprietors of heritage hotels, guest ranches, desert retreats, historic inns and mountain lodges, open year-round or seasonally, provide first-class Old West experiences.

Adventures and activities available to guests include round-ups, trail rides, campfires and cookouts, guided fly-fishing, back-country hiking and skiing, spas, retreats and gourmet dining. Amenities include historic saloons and luxurious guest rooms.

True West’s editorial team invites our readers to plan their Western getaway today, and—like New Yorker Theodore Roosevelt, who was inspired to visit the Dakota Badlands after reading about Howard Eaton’s Custer Trail Ranch in a New York newspaper—rediscover the heart, history and heritage of the West at one of America’s great Western hotels, guest ranches or historic inns.

—Stuart Rosebrook


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