April 2016

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Another Reason To Love “Buckey” O’Neil

Mickey Free

Mickey Free S.O.B.

Marshall Trimble

What is locoweed?

Robert Duvall

The Godfather of Westerns

Sam Bass at Round Rock Robbery

Bank Robbery at Round Rock

Traveling the Chisholm Trail

Johnny Western

Johnny Western

Thomas Nast's Santa

What Do the Donkey, the Elephant and Santa Have in Common?

Alfonso Bedoya

Stinking Badges!

Tiffany Schofield

Tiffany Schofield

Leader of Destiny: Sitting Bull

Crash at Crush

Crash at Crush

A Square Deal for the Women of Arizona

The Graham Family vs the Tewksbury Family

Loser Mountain

I’ve heard Westerns state “something” is a day’s ride away. How far was a day’s ride in the Old West era?

A Long Shot

Cherokee Bill

Famous Last Words

Bub Meeks and Butch Cassidy

The Brotherhood of Empirical Failure

Dining on the Iron Horse

Betting the Farm in Arizona Territory

A Fist Full of Double Trouble

The True History of Lonesome Dove

Ash Fork, Arizona

Taming Ash Fork, Arizona

One of the Toughest Lawmen in the West

Nebraska’s Homestead Settlement Trail

Trail of Horses

The Night I Discovered Pluto

Aztec, New Mexico

Aztec’s Astonishing Arches

Gold on the Klondike

Tom Horn’s Gun

Wyatt Earp's Dexter Saloon

Wyatt Earp’s Wild Times in Nome

Conestoga Wagon

Hitching Your Wagon to a Star

History of the Gunfighter

Back to the Future with J. Frank Dobie

Arizona’s Laddie Godiva

Now That was a Party


The Wild West of James D. Horan

New Mexico’s Rio Grande

Wyatt Earp: The Missing Years

Arizona’s Cowboys and Cattle

The Apache Joan of Arc

Bean Belly Smith

Bean Belly Egged On


Why do people mount horses from the left side?

The Lonesome Dove Trail

The Legend of Red Ghost

The Old White Lady with Many Stories

Dance Hall Queens and Broadway Beauties

Ben Johnson’s Last Trail Ride

Henry Clay Hooker

Henry Clay Hooker’s Turkeys

Frank Reno

Frank Reno Didn’t Get the Last Laugh

Legendary Dishwasher

Nevada’s Bonanza of History

Little Gertie the Gold Dollar

John Reno’s Biggest Mistake


The True West January 2016 issue published a photo of John Slaughter and several of his cowboys. Which one was his foreman at the San Bernardino Ranch?

Deadlines Missed

Frances Densmore

Thankfully, She was a Song Catcher

The Grant Conspiracy

Rocky Mountain Cloak and Dagger

A Drunken Debacle

Deadwood Stage

Assault on the Deadwood Stage

Prison that held the Bandit Queen

The Bandit Queen

– Courtesy Library of Congress –

She Cradled Lincoln’s Head

Getting Rich Behind a Counter

Sarah Bowman

The Amazon of the Border


Why did the great artist Charlie Russell wear a red sash?

The Camp Grant Massacre

Cornish Miners

Cornish Miners in the West

Mattie Silks

The Perfect Name for a Madam

Happy Jack Morco


Cowboy Lingo

Nourishment at the Homestead

Danger in the Mines

John Baylor

Arizona’s Confederate Governor

Russian Bill

Russian Bill Swings at Shakespeare

Willa Cather

Bringing the American West to Life

house of the rising sun

House of the Rising Sun – A Blood Red Sun

Eva Dugan

Eva Dugan’s Noose

butch cassidy castle true west

Butch Cassidy’s Castle


How come Arizona never extradited Wyatt Earp for the Vendetta Ride killings?