February 2017

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The Legacy of Crazy Horse

Did Old West Towns Require Cowboys To Check Their Guns?

The Murder Steer

What History Has Taught Me: Rex Allen Jr., Country Singer

JPS Brown: An American Original

Tangled Webs: The Wild Bunch and Their Women

pete kitchen

Pete Kitchen

Western Events for February 2017

America’s Second Amendment City

Which U.S. Army Officer Had The Worst Attitude Toward Indians?

Andrew McLagen

Director Andrew McLaglen

Etienne Pelissier Jacques De Bujac (Bruce Cabot)

Sergio’s Epic Open

The Drifting Cowboy

Who Was William Preston Longley?

Bill Williams: Mountain Man

Nellie Cashman: The Story Of A Real Life Dime Novel Heroine

What Is A High Shoulder Saddle?

The Babbitt Brothers & The CO Bar Ranch

The Fight At Cajón De Los Negros

Remembering The Horse Soldiers

Douglas Fowley

Riding for the Lone Star

The Oklahoma Invader

A Pistoleer Goes Semi Auto

Two Different Docs From The Quaid Brothers

Building Your Western Library

Where Was The Tombstone Jail?

Lt. John G. Parke: Army Topographic Engineer


Wyatt Earps

Wyatt Earp’s Embarrassing Moment

The Navajos Nail It

Jim Leavy, Gunfighter

Julian Street

The Anti Horse Thief Association

The Earps Threatened C.S. Fly?

Were Most Of The Old West Gunfighters Professional Gamblers?

Unlikely Saddle Pards

On the Hunt for Buffalo Bill

Lend Me Your Wife!

Shakers On The Decline

Little Houses on the Prairie

Arizona Frontier Adventure

Why In Bob Boze Bell’s Painting, Is Wild Bill Hickok’s Navy Colt Pointed To The Sky?

Salting A Gold Mine

The Western Dreams of a Nobel Outlaw

Jedidiah Smith

The Wickedest Cattletown in Kansas

Prospector’s Faith  

Debbie Reynolds’ Film Memorabilia

Sold Off By Her Father

Eli Wallach

Outgunned by a Skunk

Almost A Western: The Streets of Laredo

Vision Quest

Top 10 True Western Towns of 2017

What History Has Taught Me: Drew Gomber, History Buff

A Stone Sentinel Stands Tall Again