charlie-red-leadWhereas in some circles the unreliable narrator holds sway, Michael Zimmer’s latest book, Charlie Red: American Legends Collection, Book Five (FiveStar, $25.95), benefits from a trustworthy voice. Zimmer’s storyteller, Thomas Slade, opens the first part of his tale with an admission. “A lot of people, when they first hear about Charlie, they’ll look at me like I’m either crazy or lying. Eventually, if they know me, they’ll believe me, as I’m not a man to spin a windy on a whim.” With a stunning attention to detail, Zimmer paints an equally indelible picture of the scorched landscape along the Colorado River, gives us a gunfight at the Santiago Ranch Canyon worthy of serious silver screen treatment, and ultimately delivers on the odd mystery of Charlie Red. Charlie Red is everything great Western fiction should be, brilliantly delivered in a polished first-person narrative. Not to be missed.

Richard Prosch, author of Tough Job in Driftwood

In Michael Zimmer’s latest historic Western novel, Charlie Red, the Utah-based author vividly describes the dangerous life of riding shotgun for the stage line from Ehrenburg (left) to Prescott in the Arizona Territory. – Courtesy Library of Congress –

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