January 2017

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Andy Devine

Andy Devine

True West’s Best of the West 2017: Heritage Travel

The Man Collectors Trust

The Colfax County War Catalyst

If Billy the Kid would have been given a fair trial in the Cahill incident, would the Kid have been convicted of murder or a lesser charge?

A Man of Many Firsts

The Boss With The High Forehead

Gold Rush Days in the Mother Lode

What is a Cowboy?


Santa Claus, Arizona

Two Guns Ghost Town

How Many Indians Died at the 1876 Battle of The Little Big Horn?

True West Moments: Ben Johnson Knew How to Set A Horse

A Merry Christmas at Ft. Yuma

True West Moment: Horses Hate Horseradish

I’m a Fan of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. Is the Route Constructed from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Sacramento, California, Still In Use Today?


Clayton Moore


Tuffy and Jake Meet Santa Claus

Hayden’s Hallowed Expedition

A Sticky Wicket

clint eastwood

Clint’s Career Cut Short?

True West’s Best of the West 2017: Western Wear

Antoine Leroux

Bonanza’s Bing Russell

When Did the Practice of Branding Livestock Begin in the U.S.?

Jefferson davis hardin

Some Bad Beef Between Robert Ford and Jefferson Davis Hardin?

True West’s Best of the West 2017: Firearms

cliff hanger mule illustration bob boze bell

Cliff Hanger

Jack Elam

Jack Elam Gets Cut

What Happened to Mart “Old Man” Blevins of the Pleasant Valley War?

What Bacon Did Trail Cowboys Eat?

Mack Hughes’ Cowboy Christmas

Best of the West 2017: Western Movies, DVDs and TV Shows

The Man Who Killed Santa Claus

Black Bart’s Bad Day

A Mapmaker’s Tragic End

Best Of The West: Western Books


Fleming Parker’s Last Request

Crown City’s Old Vistas

It’s Hamer Time!

Gold Fever

True West’s Ultimate Historic Travel Guide

Best of the West 2017: Art & Collectibles

A Show-Biz Career for Ken Curtis

Denver’s Unsinkable Hostess

Buffalo Bill Lies Here—Or Here

The Christmas Mine

Denis Kearney