November 2015

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Billy the Kid Croquet photo

Croquet in the West

The Cisco KId

The Cisco Kid

Western Events for November 2015


Did Wyatt Earp carry his pistol in a holster at the O.K. Corral gunfight?

Wyoming Showdown Cover

Wild West Debut Novel

Bad News Travels Fast

Jesse James

More Guts Than Sense

Pie Town book cover

Sweet Spot: Pie Town, New Mexico


Who was the narrator at the beginning of The Lone Ranger?

City of Destiny

Annie Oakley

Little Miss Sureshot

Rod Miller

Reading, Writing and Riding with Spur Award-Winner Rod Miller

Shoot ‘em, Groom ‘em, Entomb ‘em

old west guns

22 Guns that Won the West!

Dan Dedrick and Billy the Kid


Lemon Power

West Texas book cover

West Texas in the Rain Shadow

Divine Intervention


Cattle is King

The Australian Jesse James

Trail of Silver Horseshoes book cover

Illuminating the Past

Hays in an Uproar

The Outlaw Trail book cover

Remembering Butch Cassidy

Custer’s Last Stand

Warren Earp

Warren Earp’s Lover?

Writing Bill Tilghman’s Biography

The First Frontier

Henry Clay Hooker's Turkeys

Hooker’s Turkeys


What can you tell me about the town of Fairbank, Arizona?

Endicott Peabody

Reverend Peabody Comes to Tombstone

Bunkhouse Belly Cheaters

Elmore Leonard book cover

Elmore Leonard Rides Again

Soldiers At Play

The Lost Jesuit Treasures


In your June 2015 column, you discussed animals killed in 1925’s Ben-Hur. Wasn’t a man killed during the chariot race in the 1959 version?

The Mystery of the Great Medicine Gun

Billy the Kid

Digging up Billy the Kid


A Surgical Disarming of Outlaws

Independence Rock

Independence Day at Independence Rock

Pat Garrett’s Buffalo Hunt Adventure

The Regulator-Moderator War

Camels vs Mules

Playing Custer

The Hero’s Tragedy


Will you find the TV documentary on Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution that aired years ago?

Bill Boren’s Revenge

History of the Mullan Road

Gary Cozzens

Joking Bandits

Water and the West

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid Experts Weigh in on the Croquet Photo

On the Trail of the Buffalo Hunters

Higher Ground book cover

Epic Western Saga

The Buffalo Hunters’ War

The Mother of Women Suffrage in Wyoming

Marlene Dietrich

Not Always in Distress

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Was Only the Beginning

Johnny Ringo

The Legend of Johnny Ringo

Robin Hood of El Dorado

Robin Hood of El Dorado

Giving the Ladies the Vote

The Sinking Ship Survivor

Marcus Reno The Coward of the Little Bighorn

The Coward of the Little Bighorn

Mothers and Babies on the Frontier

john waynes brother

In 1973’s Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Bob Dylan played the Kid’s knife-throwing buddy Alias. Was he real?

The Great Die Off

Wild Bill Wellman Western Books

High-flying Western Director

Rustling Felines

A Tale of Kit Carson’s “Nephew”

john waynes brother

How easy was it to get a cup of coffee in the Old West?

Agustus Thomas

Augustus Thomas Goes West

Bozeman’s Darkest Night


Poodles in the West

A Toast to the Dead

Giving Thanks

The Call of the Canyon

Lottie Deno

Lottie Deno’s Gambling Past

Rifle and Pen

Sam Walker

Sam Walker’s Gun

Blood Brothers

The Wild West of Louis LAmour

Louis L’Amour’s West

Nobel’s Blasting Oil

John Wayne Book Cover

Memories of the Duke

Los Goddammies

No School Left Behind