Those lawyers on the frontier could be pretty resourceful when it came to Hoodoo and stopped off to pay a visit to a local sporting house where he got into a defending their clients. A raucous old reprobate named Blazer came into the town of quarrel with the madam, a lady who went by the name of Sadie. One word led to another and pretty soon they engaged in a shoving match. Blazer forgot whatever good manners his mother might have taught him and bit her in a rather sensitive part of her anatomy.

The next day she had him arrested and it looked like Blazer might be looking at some serious jail time because the men folk in the town were kind of fond of Sadie.

Blazer’s only hope was to get himself an attorney who’d somehow get around the facts of the case. An old grizzled lawyer named Rooney was assigned to defend him and he decided Blazer’s only chance was to get a change of venue to another town.

At the trial Sadie took the stand and left nothing out in describing the attack.  Then Rooney says, “Miss Sadie would you kindly show the judge and jury where you was bitten.”

Sadie produced a schoolgirl blush, so to protect her modesty the judge cleared the spectators out of the courtroom and she flashed the bite marks, a double row of purple tooth marks as plain as a signpost.

Rooney then put Blazer back on the stand, “This is the man you claim bit you?”

“That’s him!” she replied.

“Blazer, turn and face the jury.”

Blazer did. “Now Blazer, open your mouth.”

He did and Blazer didn’t have a single tooth in his whole upper jaw.

The jury had no choice but to acquit and when they got back to Hoodoo, Rooney gave him back his false teeth.

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