Dennis Quaid as Doc Holliday in 1994’s Wyatt Earp.

Dennis Quaid has acted in his share of Westerns—including as Sam Houston in 2004’s “The Alamo” and cast-out James-Younger Gang member Ed Miller in “The Long Riders.”  But he’s probably better known as the tubercular dentist Doc Holliday in 1994’s “Wyatt Earp.”

Randy Quaid (far left) as Doc Holliday in the 1999 film, Purgatory.

And that role gave him a unique connection.  In 1999, Quaid’s older brother Randy was in the sci-fi Western “Purgatory,” about a town that is a way-station between Heaven and Hell.  Randy plays…Doc Holliday, the town physician who looks nothing like the earthly gunman (and nothing like the character his brother Dennis played).

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