Kevin Emmet Foley, Pronghorn Press, $21.95, Hardcover.
 Kevin Emmet Foley, Pronghorn Press, $21.95, Hardcover.

Fast with a gun, Montana Territory Sheriff Henry Plummer is the right man for hunting down the road agents swarming the bullion-toting coach lines. Things go askew when the new chief, Justice Sidney Edgerton, arrives. Marking Plummer as a serious political rival, Edgerton uses politic’s oldest tool, innuendo, against the sheriff. Plummer is accused of heading every outlaw gang in the territory. Then Edgerton and his night riders round up rustlers, robbers and even noisy drunks, and extralegally hang them. As Plummer rides into Virginia City to face down Edgerton in January 1864, he doesn’t notice Fate trotting beside him on a dead white horse. This well-researched Western gives Plummer a long-delayed day in court and completely drygulches such self-serving histories as the ex-vigilante Thomas J. Dimsdale’s The Vigilantes of Montana.

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